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About Me

If you don't know me already, I am a yoga and meditation teacher with a passion for facilitating a reclamation of our natural rhythms on Mother Earth. I love trees, walking barefoot on the grass, astrology, tarot, rune stones and essential oils. I am currently writing a novel inspired by the true story of the last witch to be burned at the stake in England, which happened to be at the bottom of my garden, here at The Tallow Factory in Dedham, Essex, England. Writing the book is very much a journey of transformation and I am following the creative process wherever it leads. 

May we all embrace our lives as Humans being Yoga. My intention is to support all who come into contact with me to embrace their authentic selves and unveil their own inner teacher. Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo. I bow to the teacher within. 

About You

Join with the basic free membership and receive new moon and full moon tarot readings and astrological energy updates. To help grow the community there is an ambassador programme which rewards members who add people with perks and prizes. 

Starting in September 2021 you will be able to join with my monthly membership plan which will include weekly LIVE yoga classes on Zoom every Transformation Tuesday from 10:00am-11:30am GMT. If you can't join us live at that time you will be given a recording that you can watch whenever suits your busy schedule. As part of this membership you will also receive weekly astrological energy updates, journalling prompts, tarot and rune stone readings. 


So much gratitude to you for coming to check out my new community and to all of my collaborators and friends, my soul family who have helped me find the courage to start sharing my truth with the world. Gratitude to all of my ancestors, guardian angels and spirit guides who are on this path with me. I feel your support and give thanks daily for it. Namaste xoxox

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